Snow. Finally?

So it snowed last week. Ah, memories of last year. This time around it took another month for it to get cold enough for the first real snowstorm. And of course Boulder weather would fuck with me with a summer-like monday, autumny Tuesday, and dead of winter Wednesday. Worst of all, Thursday wasn't anything like spring, to complete the cycle. Now it's just freakin' cold. But that's cool, my new coat's getting plenty of use. Anyway, I hiked a bit in the snow and got a few pictures.

Also, it seems I've accomplished everything I hoped to do this month. Woot. ~D

"The night was..."

Photos: The Denver Zoo

November 2007


Potcakes' Amazing Whirly-gig

So... um... I'd never imagined having to say something like this. I think my intellectual property has been stolen. You know how the RIAA gets all hot and bothered when a single mom downloads some music, and they fuck up her life forever. Yeah this is a bit different.

As some of you may know, a certain character that I used to doodle often was imitated by an acquaintance of mine whom I lost touch with after middle school. Cool. So when I was told that the drawing had become widely accepted as an Lancos bird, I was outraged, but of course mainly for comic effect. It was a doodle after all, nothing tremendously interesting. But tonight I was invited to join a Facebook group in which one can purchase a T-shirt of the "Lancos Kiwi" for 15 US$. The group's main function is to spread the phenomenon of the image. I'm all for the kiwi becoming a popular. Somehow using it for monetary gain concerns me. Let us review the case of Joseph Swan, the first to patent the light bulb, some say. What also bothers me is his use of a trademark next to the drawing. Is this to prevent others from ripping off his idea? I leave it at that. I intend to congratulate him on creating such a following for my favorite bird. We'll see what happens from there, and whether or not I'll have to fish through my old things at home to find one of the thousands of kiwis I drew in years before I met this fellow. To be fair he did invite me into the group, and perhaps recognition is among his reasons for doing so. Equally likely, he doesn't even remember where he "thought it up," and was a mass group invite. And in all honesty my brother/Jumping Flash probably deserves the credit for it all. Hmmm.... more on that later.

What's life without juicy details?

My Triumphant Return: That time again.

So after weeks of forethought I've finally decided on a course of action for this years holiday vacation. Weather permitting I shall return of December 23rd. This time I've given myself two weeks to start with, so if I get stranded again I'll have some extra time to work with. Last year, as you may recall, I had planned on only spending five days at home, but the snow led me to a two week January vacation. A blessing in disguise you might say. We'll see how this year goes. I'm less concerned about making the most of my time at home... since I'll have plenty of time there when I... nevermind.

Oh, and the we've sold the last Heritage Turkey. Narragansett is extinct. But my hands remain clean. Let's just say I'd need to do some serious catching up if I want to win the contest.


Ride to the Top?