The Current State of Affairs

Ours has become a world of hand-helds; Americans have a portable device for everything (in some cases everything in one). Look around your public bus, or metro train. You'll see music players the size of your thumb, phones with cameras, keyboards, or on rare occasions phones that are nothing but phones, to name a few. But now what do we have to complement our devices? The OneTouch. A diabetes monitor that comes in several designer colors to match your lifestyle. This is a world where the so-called "Diseases of Civilization" have become so commonplace that testing our blood sugar levels is as convenient as checking your e-mail, or sending a text message. Let me say now that I'm glad they've made it so easy for diabetics, like my mother, to monitor their levels, as they have enough to worry about already. But things have gotten out of hand.

Is the solution throwing out everything in the refrigerator containing High Fructose Corn Syrup? Apparently last night I thought so, which is why this will be my last post for a while, as I am now grounded from using the internet. I need to work on my bouts of mania, perhaps.

I might be lying.


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