When Yer Twenty Two

Stuck in the perpetual motion
Dying against the machine
The whole thing leaves
You a nothing instead of a these
The sun is black and the black halos fly
And your number is backwards again when you try
The sound is so cute when you're twenty-two
When you're twenty-two

Eggs break when you walk on the scramble
You're living against the machine
The whole thing leaves
You a nothing instead of a these
The bone is cracked and the cracked eggshells fly
And your number is backwards again when you drive
The whole thing's removed when you're twenty-two
When you're twenty-two

The Flaming Lips
Transmissions From The Satellite Heart
Warner Bros. Records, 1993

My longest entry ever: Facebook and Pluto.

For those of you who either ignore the news, or have yet to be roped in by Facebook here's what I'm annoyed out: the eradication of Pluto('s title) and the new Facebook Notes feature.

First of all, I'm concerned about Facebook. One of these days their just going to find a way for people to inseminate each other over the site, thus eliminating every possible reason for real face to face interaction. A blog is one thing, but Facebook continues to come up with creative new ways to horrify me. But I digress. In my opinion, the more planets the better! It's more back-up terrain for once we master terraformation. Personally, I've been waiting for them to discover planets Mickey and Goofy, for quite some time, getting the number up to a nice round 10. Perfect for the obsessive like myself.

I was originally going to post the above paragraph in response to my friend's note about Pluto, but I decided I was too fond of the very heart of blogging itself, that I had to put it up here. The idea of being able to post whatever you want on a sort of community net (perhaps a world-wide web?) is in theory a good idea. My problem is the import blog feature which could if enabled place the very words I am typing this instant in my notes section of Facebook. Who cares? you might ask. Well if there's one thing I hate, it's things that go against my set of established norms, as defined long ago by my now undeniable OCD. Syrup is one then that goes against my idles, but only when it gets on my hands. That is but on example of what I like to call my physical obsession, something I can't stand the feel of. The other aspect of my self-diagnosed OCD is the mental obsessions, which this whole facebook thing goes up against. Anyone who read my blob in the good old days (May) may remember it several weeks of constant insignificant changes to the template design of the site, for example the use of links that change color, and become lowercase after being visited once. Don't know what I mean, well: CLICK HERE but then come right back. These and the many other subtle changes I believe are due to my mind needing things to look a certain way. My former roommate, though I doubt he reads this, would remember my purchase of a level, so that every poster and object in my room could be perpendicular to.. well I dunno, the magnetic center of the earth? Now of course, I have no real evidence to say I'm OCD aside from similar examples, but as have done no research on the disorder, and call myself an expect only because I saw the 20/20 special at my grandmother's house, oh I'd say a shade over a decade ago. Once again.. I digress. What Facebook is doing could very well led to more people seeing these entries, if I play into their hands and make it visible to my entire community, but at the same time I am bothered by people reading my blog, while not really being at my website! I spent a many hours getting the color scheme and page layout the way it seems most acceptable to me (granted it is formatted to my own screen, and none of your's) and I'm not about to start letting people read on a dingy Facebook notes page.

Maybe I'm just crazy. Yeah... deal. So my final thought on Pluto, I know for a fact the tubes of the internet are clogging up with people debating a completely arbitrary and human term, but I believe an article from Yahoo news best describes my concern for the loss of planethood, saying something along the lines of: We all learned of the nine planets as school children, and thus they hold a certain familiarity for us. I'd add that it's a lot like in middle school when my science teacher told me that the image of the atom we had been shown for years, the round ball nucleus surrounded by electrons traveling in perfect symmetrical orbits, was nothing but a simplified lie. I suppose it's similar to the four food groups that I learned in second grade, Meat, Fruits and Vegetables, Breads, and Dairy. It was soon after this image, another arbitrary system of classification, was replaced by the Food Pyramid. I can actually remember being sad because Fruits and Vegetables had broken-up. But here was something bigger and better, more classifications, and a streamlined design: the aerodynamic pyramid shape. Does having one less planet make our solar system "blue and pure"?

If it does it shouldn't, because it's mostly gas and garbage out there.


So as of today, I still am without a job. Old Navy told me I was hired, and that there would be a new employee orientation this week, but as of yet I haven't heard from them. I could call them, but that would take more effort them I'm willing to exert right now. I just got back from another interview with PlayFair Toys, which would be a sweet job, as I would get to play with toy trains in my downtime. Also I'm waiting to hear about a recieving position at Liquor Mart, the second biggest liquor store this side of the Mississippi. That place is like the freakin' Super G (King Soopers in CO) with aisles and aisles of alcohol. So by tomorrow I should hear about these two jobs, either of which would pay me enough to live here. If I don't get one, hopefully Old Navy will work out, but I'm going to have to get another part-time job to live with that. I need money, as I need to support myself out here until I starting going to school, which for now is still TBD.

The Joy of Memory Foam

So the day has finally come! Today my memory foam mattress finally arrived. It's been a long hard journey, but I'm now officially all moved in. I opened the door this morning to take out the garbage, only to find that two giant boxes were sitting outside my door. Upon opening them up I found three separate pieces of foam, and a mattress pad. After a half hour of ripping plastic open and carefully laying layer on top of layer I put the old girl together.

Update: So after one night, I can't say that it's indeed the greatest mattress of all time. But it's fine. It feels a lot like my old mattress right after I put the comfy eggcrate on it. Maybe after my back gets used to sleeping on something that is too short for me (the loveseat), or the floor, I'll feel more rested. As memory foam, it seems pretty good, after I climb off it there is a substantial assprint that takes five seconds to reshape, I just hope it will maintain it's springy quality after I put through constant use.

Another nice thing about the bed is it came with a free memory foam pillow. It was a good deal as an actually Tempur-pedic pillow retails for $100. I still don't know how much I'm into sleeping on a contour pillow that seems to lock you in one position. All in all it's good to have my bedroom finally set up right. Now if you'll excuse me, I have an interview at a liquor store.

Yep. Couldn't work it in: I like this music in this cartoon. I'm also surprised I didn't try to work the word jubilation into my initial bed description.

Drinking Mountain Honey Wine

So what is your dear and darling Drakos up to out here in Boulder? Why drinking the love of the medievals, mead of course! It would happen that Boulder houses the Redstone Meadery, makers of the finest mountain honey wine aka mead! You can tell by my use of alternate punctuation that I have been enjoying the blueberry variety of this honey wine tonight!

Delicious! They don't sell this stuff just anywhere, so maybe if your nice to me I'll bring you some whenever I come back to Maryland. Unless your not from Maryland, in which case I don't who you are, because who reads this things, but for my few loyal friends who just miss me SOOO much that even the occasionally drunken post is enough to ward off the loneliness.

For those interested here are some more Medieval YTMND links:

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Photo Collection I

Here are some recent pics from move-in and the Rocky Mountain National Park that didn't find their way into a previous entry.

August 2006

Note: I have just begun to use the HTML tag to place the captions within the picture rather than under them. Simply move the cursor over a picture to and the caption should pop up.


About Mattresses and Rainbows. Apparently.

Now that I've gone back and posted pictures where they were missing, I suppose it's time I got back to posting then. Well.... Not much to say really, I'm unemployed, I know virtually no one, and Walmart.com completely failed at sending me a memory foam mattress. They failed so much in fact, that I've canceled the order but as I will settle for nothing less than foam I've made other arrangements. So aside from sleeping on the loveseat I got at the Salvation Army for $45, I've been looking for a job. My original hope was to become a full-time clerk at the Boulder Public Library, which is a marvel of architecture that puts Fallingwater to shame, but it looks that as though that position will take a lot of time and well-placed sexual favors. In the meantime I have a lucrative opportunity I working on. If that doesn't work there's always modeling I guess.

(Library - August 2006)

On the bright side my new bus pass lets me ride all over Boulder with no fare, and I've got an official Colorado Driver's License. And let me say this (no offense to my state future official residency): The license is... well... really gay looking. The bottom has a Spirograph like pastel design (pink, purple, turquoise) and then a faded image of the Rockies with a blue sky above it, but the picture and ID info blocks out everything but the fluffy clouds. To top it all off my facial expression is... well... really gay looking. Usually my subtle smile comes out looking far to serious so I tried to look happier. Some how it came off looking as if my face got a signal crossed, and while my eyes, nose and mouth say cheese, my eyebrows seem to say this. So speaking of gay fuel, I have seen two amazingly complete and visible rainbows, of which I only got one crappy picture. These were some nifty rainbows let me tell you.

(Rainbow just before it faded - August 2006)

It was like Roy and G. Biv got together and had a party and invited all of their friends, and then someone spiked the punch with LSD (cf. "It's like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain" -Captain Murphy). Or then again maybe it wasn't like that at all. Apparently I had more to say then I thought. Hopefully next time I post I'll have a job, and maybe some new friends, or at the very least a bed.

New Beginnings.

After a long and painful week, my apartment is all set up (with the exception of a bed). I'm off to have a farewell dinner for my parents who wore out their welcome to the fullest extant of the cliché, but were still a tremendous help in getting my life started out here. Now I can start to go back and sort out the last few hurried entries.
Ride to the Top?